Livestream Aug 15, 2023 | Book Club VI: Pablo Casals on how to play JS Bach

In this livestream we delve into JS Bach’s intricate compositions, exploring his masterful counterpoint, emotional depth, and lasting legacy PLUS Book Club “Chapter VI: Casals and Bach” n Buy “Casals and the Art of Interpretation” on Amazon:

Livestream Aug 8, 2023 | Learning from Strings: intonation, trills, the first note and more

Taking gems and jewels from Casals’ Book Chapter V, we’ll explore: intonation as it relates to melody and harmony, trills and many other musical insights from Casals. nn Buy “Casals and the Art of Interpretation” on Amazon: n

Livestream Aug 1, 2023 | How Pablo Casals approaches rhythms + new YouTube videos

Join me today for an exploration of Pablo Casals’ ideas on rhythms in music, and a very diverse exploration of new YouTube videos in my feed. n Buy “Casals and the Art of Interpretation” on Amazon: n

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Livestream Jul 18, 2023 | The Life Energy of Rahsaan Roland Kirk & Book Club Chapter 3

I need some chicken soup for my soul, and so we are going to spend a couple hours soaking in the unbridled spirit energy of jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Also, book club Chapter 3: Diction for Instrumentalists. nn Buy “Casals and the Art of Interpretation” on Amazon: n

Livestream July 11, 2023 | The Profound Importance of Dynamics, Book Club Chapter 2: Finding the Design

In today’s livestream we will be exploring dynamic variety: as it is conceived by Pablo Casals, and applying these ideas to elementary and advanced music on the accordion. nn Our purpose as musicians is to express. Through our instrument we connect what is within us to what is outside of us. In musical settings where…

Livestream July 4, 2023: Zydeco, Book Club, Patriotic Music Buy “Casals and the Art of Interpretation” on Amazon: Pre-stream music: Rosie Ledet Zydeco Music | 00:00 n We started with a live performance of Rosie Ledet, at the New Orleans Cajun and Zydeco Festival from June 12, 2022, which takes place at the Jazz Museum up at the very top of the…