Avoid the frustration of trying to teach yourself …get HELP to master your music

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Live Zoom Classes Turn Frustration into Joyful Musical Progress

Easy practicing with guided steps

You need a straight path. Our classes give you actionable step-by-step guidance.

Get answers so you can move forward

Confusion can cloud your progress. Our lesson time will give you clear answers in real-time.

Music becomes vibrant and creative

Stagnation stems from a lack of creativity and variety. Our classes introduce new techniques, pieces and ideas that keep you excited and fresh.

We all have periods where musical progress is fast and easy. We observe ourselves getting better, we are playing more sophisticated music, with greater emotional connection and joy.

Like a circle, our success gives us energy to keep going. It’s so much fun, we just want more and more beautiful music.

Inevitably and unfortunately, we come to a speed bump in our progression: frustration, indecision, uncertainty, loss of motivation.

With 1 on 1 Zoom Classes, you get immediate guidance and answers to build up your accordion artistry with confidence, joy and vibrancy.

Meet Your Teacher

Happy Accordion Students!

“Dallas is an exceptional teacher! His passion, patience, and expertise make learning a joyful experience. The group classes are engaging and  motivating. Highly recommended!”
Anastasia B
“Dallas reversed years of my frustration with the accordion. He quickly pinpoints what can be improved and provides concrete practice ideas and techniques for making progress.”
Dave S
“Taking online lessons with Dallas Vietty has been very helpful in learning to play the accordion. Dallas is a joy to learn from as he is patient and calm and answers all of my musical questions fully.  I highly recommend taking lessons with Dallas.”
Don B
Rhode Island
“I can’t recommend RisingReed highly enough. I get excellent exercises and resources to help me reach my goals.”
Lorretta P

Pricing & Bundles

1 Hour Class


Competitive Pricing

  • 1 hour Zoom class
  • 1 week of email coaching
  • Lesson video recording
  • Pre-lesson planning

Classes must be taken within 30 days of purchase

6 Hours Class Bundle


Buy 5 Get One Free (Save 17%)

  • 6 Hours of Zoom classes
  • 12 weeks of email coaching
  • Lesson video recordings
  • Curriculum planning and goal setting
  • (Optional) Online student recital

Classes must be taken within 90 days of purchase

12 Hours Class Bundle


Buy 10 Get Two Free (Save 17%)

  • 12 hours of Zoom Classes
  • 1 year of email coaching
  • Lesson video recordings
  • Curriculum planning and goal setting
  • (Optional) Online student recital

Classes must be taken within 365 days of purchase

Common Questions

Eastern Time Zone: Mon 9a-7p | Tue 9a-9p | Wed 9a-9p | Thu 9a-5p | Fri 9a-5p

Feel free to email me if you have a question about my availability or times for lessons.

Click the reschedule link in the email you receive after you book. That link will open the booking calendar in your web browser and you can select a new date and time.

If you are unable to use Zoom for any reason, we can use a different video conferencing platform of your choice, however if you want the video lesson recorded, you’ll have to figure out a way to do that.

I’ll email your lesson materials to you within 24 hours. The video of your lesson is usually hosted on YouTube as unlisted (which means it cannot be found without the exact URL – so it’s hidden from anyone except you and me.)

I would love to meet you and answer questions you have about taking classes or courses from me, or any general accordion learning questions you might have. It’s easy and free to book a 15 minute call with me, just use this link.