Livestream Jun 13, 2023 - Accordion Winds, My Journeys, Viewer Contributions

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Here's the link to the playlist of all the YouTube videos we watched in this livestream.

Two hours of beautiful music

You are going to love the latest livestream. I shared a little music journey of Argentinian music and dance that amazing musician, and friend, Yusa showed me. We checked out New Orleans musicians who I saw on a recent visit to that city. Viewers watching contributed amazing videos which we watched, we touched on the accordion teacher this year at Django in June, the illustrious Accordionists and Teachers Guild, my thoughts and discoveries about the air that governs the accordion.

If you missed the live event, don't worry! This post and video is here to recap the accordion odyssey for you.

Preshow music: Asa Seca Trio

I kicked off our livestream with a live concert by Asa Seca Trio. An phenomenal contemporary jazz/folkloric group I had just heard about on my recent trip to New Orleans.

Dancing to the Rhythm of Zamba

Music is not just about sound; it's about movement and expression. We then ventured into the mesmerizing world of Zamba, a traditional music and dance form from Argentina. This section shows how the bandoneon, guitars and bass effortlessly blend with the Zamba dance's rhythmic steps.

Boleadoras percussion and dance

We watched a captivating video of Argentine Boleadoras dance, a rhythmic spectacle born from gaucho traditions. The performance, a whirl of weighted lassos striking the ground in sync with pulsating bandoneon music, showcased the dance's blend of agility, rhythm, and cultural heritage.

My new favorite bandoneon player Leonel Gasso

Next, we watched a video that I've recently become obsessed with - Leonel Gasso playing bandoneon and singing, with a cajon player. I think you will enjoy this quite a bit.

Bruce Sunpie Barnes: Creole Zydeco and New Orleans Blues

We had the joy of watching Bruce Sunpie Barnes play and solo solo in a video for the Preservation Hall YouTube channel. Sunpie lays down the blues, and shows us his amazing style of accordion accompaniment.

Django in June and Giò Albanese

As Django in June starts this week, the students are in for a huge treat with their accordion instructor this year: Gio Albanese. I had a completely wonderful conversation with Gio last week, where he just wanted to ask me for any advice or tips - as I have taught at the camp many times. The conversation ran to all manner of topics about musicality, learning, the human potential, accordion articulations and technique. It was just lovely and quite a serendipity. We watch two performances by Gio.

The ATG and maestro Joan C. Sommers

I'm going to be at the ATG festival this July. I'll be playing one piece on an afternoon concert, and I'll be attending the festival for many days. And performing in the mass accordion orchestra. We watched a duo performance by Joan C Sommers and Stas Venglevski, of Stas' Fugue in B Minor.

Tcha Limberger: No greater feelings can be felt

Two different viewers contributed amazing videos of the great Tcha Limberger, the Belgian musician known for his extraordinary skills in so many genres styles and cultures of music.

My current insights on the method of Jacques Mornet

I shared and played my current insights into the use of the air, bellows, and fingers on top of the air in the method of Jacques Mornet. My understanding and application continues to evolve with every meeting with Nathalie and Jacques.

Last but not least - the wisdom of Rodolfo Mederos: Master of Bandoneon

We finished up the stream by listening to Rodolfo Mederos' advice to musicians to "play without fear", and how we must play with good phrasing - which cannot be written down. My words here pale in comparison to his phrasing - watch the stream to the end to check this out.

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©2023 Dallas Vietty

©2023 Dallas Vietty

©2023 Dallas Vietty