The Music George Used to Learn

…This is the continuation of the letter George wrote to the Buswells. This is the section about suggested literature and what music Mario Moschino and George Secor chose to learn the Moschino system.

“I didn’t use any accordion material to learn the free bass.  Instead I used exercises written for the piano…

  • Czerny Op. 599 and Op. 299, which start out very easy and get progressively more difficult.  (You may skip the ones that do not seem appropriate for one reason or another, e.g., the notes go beyond the range of the treble keyboard.)
  • Easy pieces I used to learn the free bass are:
    • First Lessons in Bach, compiled by Walter Carroll, Book 1
    • Bach Two Part Inventions
    • Clementi:  Six Sonatinas, Op. 3
    • I didn’t use the following, but they’re a good alternative to Clementi:
      • Kuhlau:  Six Sonatinas, Op. 55
      • Kuhlau:  Three Sonatinas, Op. 20
    • Thirty-Two Sonatinas and Rondos – contains a nice variety of relatively easy pieces in order of difficulty