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Rapidly grow your accordion skills with focus and fun.

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Complete Learning Environment

Weekly Zoom Classes
  • class setting with your peers

  • lectures, Q&As and coaching

  • re-watchable class recordings

Targeted Assignments
  • work towards goals

  • get instructor feedback

  • fun and creative challenges

Online Discussions
  • share ideas and make friendships

  • ask and answer questions

  • continue the ideas

SoundSlice Video Courses
  • high-quality video lessons

  • practice along with instructor

  • students love SoundSlice

"Dallas reversed years of my frustration with the accordion. He quickly pinpoints what can be improved and provides concrete practice ideas and techniques for making progress."

Dave S.


“I didn't even need training to get started. It really saves me time and effort. Framer is exactly what our business has been lacking. It's incredible.”

Dakota Wood

Founder at Acme

Make Big Progress

A path of music learning

The suite of live classes, video materials to work with, and targeted assignments give you a vibrant learning pathway and a feeling or urgent deadlines to give shape and meaning to your work.

Clarity and understanding

Resolve questions and go deeper into concepts by live interactions in the Zoom classes, and online discussions and posts on the course website.

Hyper focus on practice

The SoundSlice videos allow you to go deep with your music practice, and gain great clarity and growth.

Some Previous Group Classes

Past Group Classes

Past Group Classes

Gypsy Jazz Accordion Basics Vol. 1

This was a very popular course from 2022 with over 40 students.

Beginning Beautifully

Fundamentals for beginners and those who want to refresh.

Exploring the Bellows

Compression, sound, overtones, bellows shakes and more…

Theory and Musicianship Lvl. 1

Ear training, music theory, harmony, applied fundamentals.

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©2023 Dallas Vietty

©2023 Dallas Vietty

©2023 Dallas Vietty