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I can't wait to share the joy of accordion music with you.

[Last Updated June 7, 2023]

Music is my love

👋 My name is Dallas, and for me the accordion isn't just an instrument to me — it's a lifestyle, a passion, and a lifelong friend. My relationship to music is as fundamental to my life, as all of my most important relationships with people.

I started my musical life as a pianist, but as my skills on accordion grew soon I knew I had found an inexpressible beauty that I wanted to explore for the rest of my life. From the bustling streets of my local bars and restaurants, to music festivals and bigger stages of concert halls, I've spent my life pursuing music and this wonderfully expressive instrument, cherishing every note and melody.

I've always been fortunate to take my love for the music and accordion beyond the performing and into the classroom as a dedicated teacher. Over the years, I've had the privilege of teaching students of all ages, and nothing brings me more joy than witnessing the spark in their eyes when they first produce a melody, the satisfaction they feel when they conquer a challenging piece, or the pride that swells within them when they perform for the first time.


Teaching accordion isn't about creating perfect musicians—it's about igniting a passion for music, building confidence, and encouraging personal growth. I'm dedicated to creating a nurturing and inspiring environment where you feel empowered to learn, make mistakes, and most importantly, grow. Each of my lessons is tailored to my students' unique strengths, interests, and goals, ensuring a learning experience that isn't just educational, but also engaging and fun.

I invite you to join me on this beautiful musical journey. Regardless of your previous experience or skill level, I am here to guide, support, and celebrate every step of your accordion learning adventure. Let's create beautiful music together.

My History

I started teaching accordion online way back in 2013. Back then I was building out a school bus to live in, playing musette gigs with my band, and figuring out how to teach great accordion lessons on video chat.

How and what I teach has continued to evolve, and this site is the latest evolution. In fact, I JUST changed the name of my site from RebelReed to the new name, RisingReed.

Over these almost 10 years of teaching online I have been part of the continual change and growth in tools and methods for teaching music online. For the first 6 years or so I only taught online one on one lessons.

In 2015, I started teaching supplemental Zoom group classes on Music Theory and Musicianship, and those were a huge success. One class expanded out to 4 levels of theory and musicianship, and I subsequently added more topics, like Creativity, a course all on the Bellows, Jazz skills and Beginners classes.

The recent 2020/21 lockdown years really accelerated all things online and the learning technology has taken large leaps forward as well. The world now embraces online learning with the same importance as in person learning.

Community Learning

This newest iteration of my teaching platform is founded on the popular idea in online education that what is essential these days is to bring the online community together to share, support and learn together.

This journey has taken me about half a year, but I finally have my next iteration which is all based around a wonderful community platform, where I can put my info, documents, resources, notes, courses, sheet music, all of that, online and have it available immediately to the accordion community.


©2023 Dallas Vietty


©2023 Dallas Vietty


©2023 Dallas Vietty